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Single Asset &
Portfolio Valuation

We offer the most comprehensive real estate valuations for all asset classes.

Seller Representation

We design a totally unique marketing strategy and curate the most competitive bidding environment, every time.

Buyer Representation

We think like a principal for our buyers, providing in-depth advisory for all investments in a way never before seen in brokerage.

Sale Leasebacks

Maximizing exit values and making the offering most attractive to the greatest number of buyers with, the lowest cost of capital and, the most motivation to buy.

Our Focus

Laconic Capital Advisor’s specialize in middle-market investment sales and acquisitions advisory working with the full spectrum of investor profiles on transactions typically ranging from $3M-30M.

Single Asset & Portfolio Valuation

Whatever the reason that it’s time take stock of your Commercial Real Estate, Laconic Capital Advisors Asset Valuation’s are the most comprehensive in the business. They include both simple and complex investment summaries, the most rigorous comparable selection process, qualitative SWOT analysis, mark to market numbers for every strategic ownership scenario, a 10-year cash-flow model with sensible assumptions, and an equity waterfall. No other brokerage includes each of these elements. We believe they are crucial to courting the highest quality investors to working with our firm.

Seller Representation

Our obsession with and massive investment in our technology platform, combined with our vast middle-market and institutional relationships across the nation in all asset classes allow us to create the absolute most competitive bidding environment for every kind of property. We focus primarily on serving sellers in the private investor segment with single assets valued typically between $3M-$30M.

Buyer Representation

While most of our buy-side representation begins with a sell-side relationship, it’s our execution on the buyside that brings the most value to our clients. The prevalence of poorly underwritten deals on the market, that contain dubious assumptions and massive hidden risks is sometimes mind-boggling even to seasoned veterans. With deep knowledge of how the most scrupulous institutions scrutinize investments, Laconic Capital Advisors will keep these dubious deals completely off your radar.

Sale Leasebacks

A Sale Leaseback can be a great strategy to consider for landlords in several scenarios. Most often for corporate owner-operators who run business with yields substantially higher than their real estate and when they have experienced substantial appreciation. It also makes sense when the landlord's objective is to raise cash and prune the balance sheet. Laconic Capital Advisors has a proven track record of negotiating large single-tenant corporate leasebacks with multi-national corporations. We carefully structure the lease in order maximize real estate exit values. Always keeping the end buyer in mind, we make the investment offering most attractive to the largest number of investors who have the lowest cost of capital and the most motivation to buy.

1031 Execution

Most private sellers of commercial real estate utilize Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 to defer capital gains tax on the sale of an investment property by “exchanging” into another. The exchange market contains the largest asymmetries in sophistication between transacting parties and the brokers that dominate the representation of the buyers in this market too frequently lack the sensibilities to identify when they are overpaying and exposing their clients to massive hidden risks. Unlike our competitors, Laconic Capital Advisors Agents are all trained to first understand how to assess risk to the downside before the ideal case.

Debt Financing

With deep knowledge and experience transacting across the entire risk spectrum and with parties both large and small, Laconic Capital Advisors capabilities consulting on your capital stack are unmatched. Whether the assignment is for a new asset or an old one, our process for sourcing debt is as intricate as our process for curating buyer pools. It's our mission to connect you with the most competitive direct lenders and mortgage brokers across the country when you need them.

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